Create a playlist with the best playlist maker there is! Mixblast! Where is every song ever recorded*? Youtube!
(*Except by Prince)

Mixblast searches Youtube for lots of videos all at once, and gathers them for you into a playlist. Instead of searching for just one video, you can search for a whole list of them.

Copy and paste a plain text list, load an RSS feed, or use the MixBuilder at the top to fill the list with songs, then mix them together with the text shuffle button, and Blast a Mix.

Mixblast will search each line of text for the top video. If a video is the wrong version, click the refresh icon next to it. Make sure each line of text only has the artist and song title, and no other junk. The advanced options will help you with that.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Spacebar = Play/Pause, Left Arrow = Back, Right Arrow = Next, ~ = Open/Close Text List Editor

iPhone instructions: open in Safari, tap "Add to Home Screen", launch Mixblast from Home screen.

Mixblast uses the Youtube,, and Echo Nest APIs.

Welp, see ya later.

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